One of Australia’s most respected metalsmiths, Marian Hosking has been creating work for over 40 years. In 2007 she was named ‘Living Treasure: Master of Australian Craft’ and in 2012 she won the Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award. Hosking studied Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, going on to complete her Master of Arts in 1996 and her PhD at Monash University in Melbourne in 2009. Marian’s distinctive work translates imagery from the natural environment through drawing, fabrication and castings techniques.


Marian Hosking:

"The importance and cultural relevance of jewellery and the hand crafted object is essential to me as an educator and jeweller, I choose to pursue the commemorative aspect and celebrate that jewellery is often given as a gift, even if it is to one’s self. Plant motifs have been explored in jewellery for many centuries, especially in Australia in the nineteenth century. As an artist who has worked extensively from specific natural environments and botanical collections.


I select individual specimens to highlight their unique form, cultural significance and sometimes threatened extinction. I start with a close examination of plants always aware of shifting understanding and reading of nature as aligned with changing attitudes to Australian identity and the development of motifs that represent Australia. I express a specific vision and interpretation of the qualities of Australian light and landscape in my preferred medium silver.


I acknowledge the RBG Melbourne, Australian Garden, Cranbourne for their assistance with the preparation of works in this exhibition."


Residence at Mountain Seas

"Claudia, greg and I have had such a wonderful and productive stay at Mountain Seas. The environment is exceptional, we have all been inspired to create new work. Greg has filmed beautiful underwater videos in the creeks. Claudia and I have spent hours on the beaches and in the art centre, Claudia has created amazing sculptural objects( which she hopes can come back on our flight tomorrow), as a jeweller with few tools I have more ideas than finished pieces, but a wealth of Flinders Island specific works for my next exhibition. Having National Park so close is amazing, the enchanted walk really shows how diverse the plants are and that is growth forest protects and creates its own mini climate.The workshop was fun and last night the intimate gathering at the hotel to listen to our talk was great! The conversation afterwards was stimulating, the fish was excellent. Thank you and David for this opportunity and your generous contribution to flinders and Australia's art and culture."


Marian Hosking, May, 2016




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