Artists Statement

I was born in Tasmania on a farming property on the North west Coast of Tasmania. I trained as art teacher. I have painted and drawn virtually since graduating from art school and throughout a career specialising in teaching art to children in schools, young adults with mental illness at RHH; and for over 10 years and currently as an art tutor in a physical rehabilitation centre (Community Rehabilitation Centre, Dept. of Occupational Therapy) in Hobart.

My painting subjects vary but largely reflect my interest in the landscape, and most of these paintings are done outdoors as I discover new places on less travelled roads in the State.

Paintings need to be completed before weather conditions change I try to juggle these factors with the technical limitations imposed by the medium. I find the time limit invites a raised level of visual awareness and calls for a gestural style of painting. I have been working in watercolours and more recently acrylic media and a range of drawing media.

My response to the landscape can be in many forms. The atmosphere of a place may be dominant, e.g. the pristine quality of Flinders Is, the drama of mountain peaks, the soft or wild skies, the quiet reflections. The landscape may trigger an emotional response, a memory or I might be moved by the art elements of colour, shape, line, of the place. Sometimes the scale a tiny fragment or a great expanse invites a study.

The decision to paint an abstract, semi abstract or realistic interpretation and the media chosen is tied to the response evoked.

Coming to Flinders Is has intensified the creative need; the island is so spectacular at every turn.

My time spent doing art there was not long enough but I plan to return.

Julie Oh Dip F.A., Dip. Ed.





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