Artist Statement


My project here is still very much in the early stages – with weather, stream levels and water clarity permitting – I hope to produce a new perspective on some of the creeks that locals and tourists on the island pass by during their daily travels.

I use both photography and video to explore natural environments, particularly to highlight smaller animals and those that often go unnoticed. Whilst my main area of interest has always been with reptiles and frogs, with the relatively recent advent of small underwater video cameras I have begun documenting some of the life that inhabits our freshwater creeks and streams, an area that has received very little attention in the past. In particular I have been trying to showcase some of our native fishes, many of which are threatened and close to extinction such as some of the small Galaxiids. There are several species of native freshwater fish on Flinders Island, including galaxiids, with the common but beautiful Spotted Galaxias living right here in the creek at Mountain Seas.

The image above is a collage of video stills from the creek that runs through Mountain Seas.



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