Gemma Wilcox is a multiple-award-winning playwright, performer and theatre producer who has been touring her critically acclaimed, multi-character one-woman shows for over 10 years. Described by critics as “a shapeshifter extraordinaire” who “lights up the stage with integrity,” Wilcox creates highly physical theatre that authentically and courageously explores the multi-layered aspects of intimate relationship; both the mundane and the sacred.


British-born and Boulder-based Wilcox is renowned across the International Fringe Festival circuit for her 5 semi-autobiographical, 20+ character, one-woman comedy-dramas that follow her alter-ego and “Everywoman” protagonist, Sandra, as she navigates through her life. With humor and emotional sensitivity, Wilcox transforms seamlessly from female to male, to animal, elemental, and even to inanimate characters, all on a bare stage. At a protean pace she delves into the universal themes of love and letting-go, facing our shadows, embracing all aspects of our self, living our deepest truth, listening to our intuition, and following our heart’s calling.


Wilcox has won 16 “Best of Fest” and “Best Solo Performer” awards for her shows Ménage à Dix (2001), The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over (2003), Leela’s Wheel (2005), Shadows in Bloom (2006), and Magical Mystery Detour (2012) at Austin, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Boulder International Fringe Theatre Festivals.


Wilcox’s hunger to live a fully embodied creative-emotional-sexual-spiritual life has guided her to study with many masterful teachers including David Deida, the women of Shematrix (The Gift), Paul Oertel, Giovanni Fusetti, Melissa Michaels (Surfing The Creative), Jonathan Kay (Theatre of Now), Kimberly Jonas (BodyMantra), Sofia Diaz, and Kristin Viken and John Kent (Shamanic De-armoring).  Her work and life is deeply influenced by the these teachers, her intimate and familial relationships, the natural world and the Mystery.



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