Anne is author of the book Curiosi-tea under the nom de plume Camellia Cha, presenting theatrical Tea shows combining narrative, poetry and shakuhachi. Her tea shows range from one-woman presentations to larger productions with up to ten performers on stage. Anne Norman is also a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. From traditional and contemporary Japanese, (See also 'Anne Norman' under musicians).


"Performer extraordinaire Anne Norman captured the dry humour of her book ... In the spirit of the best European stage melodramas ... emotive tragedies... hilarious parodies. Filled to the brim, the Space Theatre echoed with laughter, ebullient melodies and reflective stillness." Daniela Kaleva Australian Stage Reviews, 29 Sept 2010


A poem written by Anne during her visit to Mountain Seas:

"I recited this poem at my recent Husshh:  … hearing takayna concerts with Emily Sheppard in Latrobe, Launceston and Hobart, and around the campfire at the TiM artists’ final gathering. After the concerts were over, we recorded our music and poems in a studio in Hobart this week. This included the backing track of black currawongs I’d recorded on Flinders island 2 years ago.  We also recorded my little “Cantillations” composition based on this song of the currawongs and frogs – a trio for shakuhachi, violin and viola."


Evening Cantillations


a gentle
HA …
and dusk begins
in the tree beside the deck

I’m not from here; don’t know that voice…
I slowly turn my head
and spy a dark cloaked figure
bathed in blood of dying sun,
bowing to his mate on branch below

the signal done
he raises yellow eyes to cobalt sky
and falling notes ring out
CAA-RA cara

one voice, it seems; one phrase I heard
one fundamental thread
but silhouettes show his then her
small movements of the head

I grab a book on Bass Strait birds:
black feathers trimmed with white;
distinctive voice; a massive beak…

Black Currawong!
population: in decline;
… that must be wrong

CAA-CARAK caa-carak
endless mantric repetitions
a cool, enshrouding air
in shades of pitch the mountain melts
the tree (it seems) no longer there

stars begin to prick the sky
as she responds with

between duo incantations
they perch listening
… but what for?
like them, I stand transfixed

a symphony of frogs
waves on distant shore
interlocking fractal fragments
a vast entangled round
remote renditions of their song resound

HA … CAA-RA cara …
CAA-CARAK caa-carak
CACACA huu-haw

myriad other adepts intone the passing day
in sounds of suchness; far and near
does our planet spin because they do? or …
a roll call circumnavigates
reconfirming “we are here”

I shiver ’neath the Milky Way
and feel an aching loss…
a sudden grief at all of this.
man’s noisy world, where I come from,
has severed lines of song
and smothered tranquil bliss

Modern Man!
population: in denial;
awareness: in decline;
HA …



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