Alice Blanch is an emerging Australian photographer influenced by the ephemeral nature of the sky and its relationship to the landscape below. Alice has a strong connection to the natural world; her photographic artwork is a visual representation of her personal experiences and understanding of the phenomena of nature.

Alice works with photographic film in old cameras, embracing the possibility for magical and unpredictable results. She is passionate about the process of creating and is interested in how she can use her process and artworks to connect with others on a personal level.

Since graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours, in 2012 Alice has traveled and exhibited her artwork extensively around Australia and has been selected for inclusion in numerous art prizes across the country.


Comments from her Residency:

An Island of Solitude is a presentation of artworks created by Alice Blanch during an artistic residency on Flinders Island, Tasmania in late 2014.

"For five weeks, from the start of August to mid September 2014, I stayed on Flinders Island, a small island located in the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania.  

For Five weeks I stayed on a farm at the southern end of the island. The farm was surrounded on most sides by national park and was situated at the base of the highest mountain on the island, Mt Strzelecki.

For five week I tried to comprehend this new, overwhelming landscape.

For five weeks I lost myself in the solitude of the island."



For more information on Alice Blanch, visit her website: 




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